Rod & Reel in Guinness book of Records.

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In 1996 Pedro Sors produced the first Sport Fishing & Outdoors TV Show In Mexico. The show was called “Con Caña y Carrete”.

Twenty years later, Pedro Sors created the show “Los Torneos de Mexico”. To this date, twenty years later, more than 1500 episodes has been aired on national TV in Mexico.

Building on the success of the programs, Pedro Sors decides to further strengthen the brands by creating the printed magazine “Con Caña y Carrete” with more than 60 issues are published to date. Furthermore Pedro Sors created the tournament brand “Club de Pesca Con Caña y Carrete A.C.“ with now more than 500 fishing tournaments in both Mexico and the United States organized to this date. One of these tournaments features in Guinness book of Records for the largest attendance in a Sport Fishing Tournament (in Matamoros Tamaulipas, Bagdad Beach).

Finally, as of September 2016 “Con Caña y Carrete” will air in the United States through MexiCanal.